Sunday, 22 February 2015

Review: I-Codi Chou Cream Brown Lenses

I have always wanted to try circle lenses. A pair of lenses can completely change the way you look, especially when used to complement makeup. So for my first pair of circle lenses, I decided to go for a more natural brown. But if you keep reading, the colour is definitely different from the stock photos. My natural eye colour is brown.

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Uniqso was kind enough to sponsor me two pairs of lenses. Unfortunately one pair had unmatching colours so I am now waiting for the replacement pair to be sent over. Lee Lee is always prompt and fast with replies, which is always extremely helpful. The lenses were sent in a small padded bag which encased another one with padding. Very safe shipping to ensure lenses arrive without broken vials. Shipping to Australia was fast as well!

I-Codi Chou Cream Brown
Water content: 
South Korea
Base Curve: 
Where I got it from:
Uniqso (Use my code 'YOONYEE' for 10% off)


Comfort: 8/10

These were my first pair of circle lenses and truth be told, I was expecting it to be more uncomfortable. Due to the high water content, my eyes quickly adjusted to these lenses. The first time I managed to get it in my right eye, it took 5 minutes for my eye to stop tearing because it felt mildly uncomfortable. You could feel the lens in your eye and this is common with large circle lenses. However my eyes quickly adusted and when the tearing was done (and redness gone), I could not feel them at all.

For my left eye, I felt nothing which I consider quite strange. Once popped in, It was comfortable.

Enlargement: 9/10

Truthfully I wasn't expecting these lenses to look so big but they definitely enlarge a lot. The I-Codi Chou Cream Brown is hard to make look natural, with and without makeup.

Colour: 7/10

Different to what the stock images suggested, in reality it looks a lot lighter. It is especially noticeable in outdoor lighting. It's a light brown with a dark brown rim, not black as seen. Sometimes it looks slightly hazel.

Design: 8/10

The design is simple and blends well with my brown eyes.

Overall: 8/10

In total, these were very comfortable lenses especially because I am a first time circle lens wearer. However I do think they dry out my eyes quickly so eye drops are a must. The I-Codi Chou Cream Brown also moves around a lot in the eyes so they aren't the most comfortable.

*these lenses were sent by uniqso for review purposes

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