Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The Palace Tea Room QVB Review | High Tea in Sydney

I was able to visit the Palace Tea Room in QVB (Level 1) on the 16th of February after deciding between The Palace Tea Room and The Tea Room, which is also in the same building on Level 3.

There are a few high tea restaurants scattered around the Sydney area but The Palace Tea Room is conveniently located inside QVB Town Hall.

We were greeted by a lovely waitress who asked if we had a booking (yes) and guided us to the table. Unfortunately we were unable to get a table next to the window but that's okay. The waitress fervently expressed her apologies for being unable to grant my request. It's my first time here but the customer service was already great the minute I stepped in.

There was salt, pepper and sugar cubes already on the table when we sat down.

We came at around 12:30pm but the place wasn't as packed as I expected.

Just a heads up, the prices on the menu from their website is outdated. They have increased the prices but a few dollars. The Traditional Afternoon Tea was $38 and now is $40 for one quantity. My cousin and I shared one serving of the Traditional Afternoon Tea which I thought was enough because we were heading to the Lunar Markets to try the stall foods afterwards.

When we were seated we were immediately given water and left to check out the menu. The drinks menu is massive! I do recommend you research which tea you want before going. I chose the Paris Vanilla Tea which apparently is a popular choice at the Palace Tea Room. The waitress exclaimed "Good choice" when I ordered. My cousin ordered a chocolate milkshake as well. A drink on another table caught his eye which looked like a chocolate milkshake, but with whipped cream on top. I told him that was Iced Chocolate, NOT a milkshake and what do you know? He ordered wrong. HA.

When our Traditional Afternoon Tea set arrived, we had our set explained to us and what we were eating.

 If you order two servings, there would be three tiers. On the bottom tier, we have our savoury foods plus a scone. I do not remember exactly what each pastry/sandwich was but I will try my best to describe them.

There were two sandwiches, one with tuna and the other with chicken. My cousin and I enjoyed the chicken one very much because it was lovely and creamy. "Tastes like pasta sauce" is what my cousin said. There was also a crab meat cone and a cheese 'biscuit'. The scone was fluffy and perfect with the jam and cream given.

The top tier, the dessert platter consisted of a chocolate and coconut lamington cake, pistachio macaron, a small cupcake I cannot remember, a layered cake and a meringue and jam tart. The layered cake was the favourite of my cousin and I, the sweet and tangy flavours of the passionfruit and raspberry (?) layers were perfect. It's also slightly chewy in the middle making the textures a delight.

Surprisingly the filling of the pistachio macaron was sour. It was the only thing I enjoyed about that macaron, which is a shame because I love macarons.

The camera failed to focus properly so here are two photos

You can get a refill of your tea so do not be afraid to ask. My Paris Vanilla tea was a great accompaniment with all the sweets. I am not acquainted with teas (other than green tea) so I cannot comment on this black tea. You can also add milk to your tea if needed.

All together, we had a lovely time at the Palace Tea Room. I would recommend this restaurant to my friends and family. The workers were friendly and helpful and the foods were a delight. This was my first time having high tea and I am glad I picked The Palace Tea Room.

Our bill amounted to $47. The Traditional Afternoon Tea set was $40 while the chocolate milkshake was $7.

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