Saturday, 7 March 2015

Korean Makeup and Skincare Haul + Giveaway with WISHTREND!

On Twitter a few days ago, I hinted that I was doing a giveaway with Wishtrend.

Wishtrend was kind enough to sponsor this giveaway for my blog. I really wanted to thank my readers for keeping this blog going! I read ALL your comments and it really gives me the motivation that I lack sometimes.

Let me introduce the products that are waiting to be won.

What is it?

Directly provided from the Jiri Werl-Peyung Village in Korea, there is 38.7% real honey in this nourishing honey wash off mask.

Brand: I'M FROM
Volume: 120ml
Suitable for: ALL SKIN TYPES
Full Price: US$37.90

Many testimonials have praised this honey mask for its' high moisturising effect with a pleasant scent and texture. Due to the use of honey, it is perfect for sensitive skin as it is non-irritating.

Honey is one of my favourite skincare ingredients. It was said to be a favourite of the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. It helps recharge moisture, restores nutrients and elasticity while providing lively skin. ALL-IN-ONE. The texture is not sticky so do not worry.

What is it?

This whitening cream helps act as a makeup base while fading our blemishes / facial scarring. Approved by the Korean FDA, the brightening effect from this cream lasts for 12 hours.

Volume: 60ml
Suitable for: ALL SKIN TYPES
Full Price: US$25.99

By applying before makeup, this cream will help your makeup adhere better and longer for a long-lasting effect. It brigtens immediately with very minimal oils.


1. There will be two winners. One will win the I'M FROM Honey Mask while the other will win the LEI LANI Whitening Finisher. 
2. Giveaway starts on the 8th of March [12:00am] and will end on the 23nd of March. [12:00am] (2 WEEKS) The winner will be picked on the 24th of March.
3. You must make or have a account
4. You must be subscribed to Wishtrend's Youtube :: WishTrendTV
5. If you are under 18, please make sure you have your parents permission to enter as I will need your full name and address.

If you do not make a Wishtrend account and subscribe to their YouTube, your entry is invalid. You MUST complete those steps. 


To gain entries, all you have to do is enter via the Rafflecopter I set up below. The winners will be picked randomly on Rafflecopter. The more you enter, the higher the chances of winning are!

(By entering you are agreeing to all terms and conditions)


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