Friday, 20 March 2015

Review: GEO Eyevelyn Lenses in Brown

Here is a quick review post on the GEO Eyevelyn lenses in Brown!

There are two available colours: Brown and Choco. Choco is a darker brown compared to Brown.

What made me want to try these lenses was the description:

Eyevelyn is the world's first biocompatible silicone hydrogel circle contact lens that is approved by the US FDA. Unlike regular cosmetic lenses made from 2-HEMA, Eyevelyn's silicone hydrogel material offers enhanced oxygen permeability, moisture retention, durability and resistance to protein and bacterial adhesion.
 (taken from geo coloured lenses)

More information:
Brand: GEO Medical
Diamete: 14.2mm 
Base Curve: 8.60mm
Water Content: 38%
Power Range: 0.00 ~ -7.50

 Thank you for Geo Coloured Lenses for sponsoring these lenses.

Remember to scratch off the GEO authentication code and check it on their website!

Comfort: 8/10

Compared to the I-Codi Chou Cream Brown lenses I reviewed previously, these have a much lower water content. So even though the I-Codi lenses were my first pair ever, the GEO Eyevelyn was much less comfortable. Despite being made with silicon hydrogel, it took longer for my eyes to adjust. So if you are a first time contact lens wearer, I recommend you get something with a higher water content!

However because the material is thin, the comfort lasted for more than 6 hours. 

Colour: 10/10

Brown is the lighter colour between the two and blends well with natural brown eyes. The colour resembles milk chocolate in normal natural lighting while it looks lighter in artificial bright lighting.

Enlargement: 4/10

 The GEO Eyevelyn lenses are only 14.2mm, so enlargement isn't best. However it is a great everyday lens, people can hardly pick it out unless they were to look extremely close up.

Design: 9/10

There is no black rim and is fairly basic. The design leading up to the darkest portion of the lens reminds me slightly of a sunflower, making the blending of eye colours realistic and natural.


The GEO Eyevelyn lenses are extremely thin which can make it difficult to insert in the eyes. Why? Because it gets really flimsy. It sometimes flips the other way while I am trying to insert it. However once you get a hang of it, it is no problem! I found these more difficult to wear compared to my first pair of lenses which is the I-Codi Chou Cream in Brown.


These photos were all taken using natural direct sunlight! You can hardly tell that I am wearing lenses right?!

Until next time, annyeong~

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