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Review + Swatches: Etude House Color In Liquid Lips PK006 에뛰드하우스 컬러인리퀴드립스 올웨이즈 인 핑크 리뷰

When Etude House released pictures of a new range of lip colours, I knew I had to get it. The version of which this range was based on, the Color Lips Fit, garnered a lot of negative reviews about being drying and uncomfortable to wear. Hearing that this was a new formula, I was excited to try it out.

I ordered the Etude House Color In Liquid Lips in PK006 Always In Pink before any reviews were available on blogs (in English, Korean blogs on Naver had swatches) so I took a leap of faith and just chose this colour due to the fact that this was one of Krystal's favourite colours. The other one was an orange lip colour which I am not that comfortable with yet. Yes, I can wear bright pinks, bold reds and purples but cannot wear an opaque orange. However I am working on that. Ha.

Brand: Etude House
Name: Colour/Color In Liquid Lips
Shade: PK006
Price: US$9.16 on ibuybeauti US$13.50 on w2beauty US$9.98 on jolse

Here are the ingredients list for everyone who has been waiting!


Honestly the packaging is what intrigued me. The shades weren't anything out of the ordinary and were very similar to colours I already had, but seeing how pretty the tube was, I knew this was something I needed to have.

The colour Always in Pink looks extra glamorous in this packaging. 

Similar to the size of an ordinary lipstick, it is light and portable, perfect for on the go after popping it in your bag. Plus because the tube is made of cleanable plastic, you don't have to worry about the white getting dirty (like Innisfree products).

When I take this out to reapply at university, I wonder if anyone is ever shocked that no, this is not a lipstick because all of a sudden, an applicator wand appears! How magical! 

There is a stopper in the tube that prevents and scraps off any product on the length of the applicator. I like that because it feels very clean.

The doe applicator is not an ordinary one either. I love how everything is packaged for the Etude House Color In Liquid Lips. Definitely a few levels above the Colours Lips Fit. The tapered tip allows for precision when applying while the open in the middle makes sure the wand picks up enough product. The width of it helps you apply the product fast, which is great for me because I rarely do gradient lips as I opt for full colour.

It's also extremely soft and comfortable to use!


When looking at the advertisement/CF and promotional pictures, you would expect this product to have a really glossy finish. It applies only slightly glossy and dries matte. (EDIT: This only happens if you blend out the colour using your fingers! If you apply it directly from the applicator, it turns glossy)

The formula of Always in Pink is very easy to spread, it does not dry so fast that you are unable to apply it with your fingers. However after a couple of hours, the formula starts to feel very drying on the lips to the point it's noticeable to you. So this is definitely not lightweight. But this might have happened because I applied too much at first. If you use less, it is very comfortable. If you apply gloss over it, be prepared for it to lose pigmentation and it ends up piling on the lips.


Edited on computer to show truer representation of colour

You see the picture above with f(x) Krystal? She's wearing this shade Always in Pink. Which is odd because on my lips it sometimes looks like this ^ On initial application, it does look neon especially when you apply too much. However over time it becomes more subtle, depicted down below. I was expecting something similar to the rose pink colour on Krystal's lips but this colour is something I don't have so I didn't mind. It's hot pink but really brightens up your skintone and can make you look effortlessly chic. Don't let the word 'hot pink' deter you because it does look subtle in the sunlight.

The pigmentation is intense, exactly like liquid lipstick. The colour turns lighter the longer it has been applied on the lips and when you blend it out using your fingers.

How did it go through out the day? This was with drinking and talking.

The results were really good. I did not touch up the entire day (honestly I forgot) but the colour was still prominent on my lips like a natural pink stain. However the product starts to gather in the middle of the lips which does not look good, though is easily solvable by wiping it off.

General comments:

Personally I really like this product and want to purchase the shade Rose in Bloom which is a gorgeous red/pink colour. The packaging is superb (a real conversation starter) and the smell reminds me of the cheap makeup I used to buy in the drugstore when I was small with my spare change. How nostalgic.

On average this lasts 6 hours before I suggest touch ups to keep the vibrant colour. However the light stain is still wearable, depending on your preference.


Until next time, annyeong~

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