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Review: Innisfree Sea Salt Perfect Cleanser

On YouTube, I watched a video by Daddoa introducing sea salt cleansers and its' benefits. I ended up being so intrigued that I wanted to try it myself. Luckily Innisfree newly released their Sea salt cleanser line. There are three products:

1. Innisfree Sea Salt Perfect Cleanser (40% Sea Salt) 130ml
2. Innisfree Sea Salt Whipping Cleanser (30% Sea Salt) 130ml
3. Innisfree Sea Salt Jelly Cleanser (20% Sea Salt)  130ml

This particular product has 40% sea salt, the highest of all the other cleansers. I tried this product with high hopes but was left disappointed.


1. Highly concentrated sea salt removes keratine and skin waste.
2. Achieves smooth and moist skin.
3. Rich Jeju volcanic mineral salt protects skin.
4. Sea salt extract removes fine dust and skin waste.
5. Visible sea salt. Scrub effect.
6. 40% of sea salt.

 (taken from jolse)


True to Innisfree packaging, it is a prominently white with light blue writing. The tube has a slight matte finish. The cleanser comes in a squeeze tube which allows you to control the amount you want.

It does get dirty easily so I always avoid putting it in my bathroom. Whenever I use it, I squeeze some amount into a small container. 


The cleansing foam that results from the cleanser being lathered onto the skin is thick and not airy. If you use a foaming device, I imagine it to create ‘fluffier’ foam.

Inside the cleanser are sea salt granules which can be used for daily exfoliation. It quickly melts into the skin especially when accompanied by steam. 


The cleanser is white in shade and when lathered onto the skin turns foamy! It is again a cleansing foam.

The thing I hate the most about some cleansers is the dry and tight feeling after having it washed off. It feels uncomfortable and having all your natural oils stripped from your skin is not something to be desired. With the Innisfree Sea Salt Perfect Cleanser it did not make my skin feeling tight and face remained relatively soft and supple after wash.


If you read my previous review on The Saem Urban EcoHarakeke Seed oil (which I love), I mentioned that this product did not work well for me.

The first use was relatively fine, my skin did not react at all. The second time onwards, I developed several pimples on the right side of my face. To test skincare products initially, I apply them only on one half of my face to see the difference it made. Luckily they were only red bumps and healed quickly.

To remove my face makeup, I rely heavily on my cleansers.  Face makeup removal powers are a medium, and not as strong as my normal cleanser (Biore shower gel cleanser) but still works well. Eye makeup on the other hand does not budge and you will need a separate makeup remover. It isn’t actually advertised that this cleanser removes makeup but it is a must for me. 

ALSO, a high concentration of sea salt can lead to an itching/burning sensation on the skin. However this is temporary and does not hurt. It just feels tingly. 

Note: because there are salt granules, I suggest you avoid your eye area.


 I give this cleanser 3 stars. It is affordable for the amount of product you get, and to make good foam, not a lot needs to be used. It is priced at $13.98 at Cosmetic Jolse currently. 

Until next time, annyeong~

*product sent by jolse for review
*all content are my own, i am not paid for posts

Review: The Saem Urban Eco Harakeke Seed Oil

With winter fast approaching Australia, I have been extra careful with my skincare. For the cold weather, I like to use facial oils to hydrate my skin after cleanser and toner but before moisturiser. 

The only other facial oil I have tried was the Trilogy Rosehip oil, a popular product amongst Australians and worldwide. Unfortunately, my skin did not react well to it so I have an almost full bottle sitting in my bathroom.

So after a lot of research, I decided to try The Saem Urban Harakeke Seed Oil from Cosmetic Jolse.

Harakeke is a plant native to New Zealand and mainly has medicinal benefits. Usually the sticky sap was used for wounds and boils. This ingredient isn't popular in the cosmetic market but it is not completely unheard of.


In comparison to the Trilogy Rosehip oil, this product is immensely lighter in consistency. Honestly I was worried whether it would be enough to hydrate my skin in the cold weather. However my concerns were unnecessary as I am liking this product way more than the Rosehip oil which has won many awards.

The formula makes it easy to blend, application is a breeze and can be applied quickly. What I like to do is using 4 drops, spread it against my palms and press it on my cheeks, then forehead and chin before massaging my face. With body heat from my palms, it helps warm up the product and aid in quicker absorption. 

It does hydrate the skin but not enough for the cold weather. Parts of my skin still feel dry. 

I imagine the oil to smell like the harakeke plant.. because the scent is hard to describe and not one I have necessary encountered before.

But it is not heavily perfumed.


The packaging was what attracted me to this product in the first place. The oil is encased in a green tinted glass bottle with a glass dropper. It has a wooden plastic design surrounding the rubber press giving it a natural vibe. 

It is 30ml so quite small, but that is normal for skincare serums, ampoules and oils. Easy to fit on your dressing table!


I am pleasantly surprised that the Saem Urban Eco Harakeke oil did not break me out. The other skincare product that I will review soon did... luckily it healed quickly. Again I will rehash how common it is for skincare products to react adversely for my skin. 70% of skincare products end with my skin getting inflamed by pimples so whenever I find a product that works for me, I never let it go. 

Quick to absorb and hydrates the skin for the cold weather. To test this, I applied the oil to the left side of my face for the first few days. The effects can be seen instantly. When I wake up, the right side of my skin feels drier while the left side remains soft and supple. Definitely a good product! However, I do not believe it works well by itself. I recommend a heavy duty cream as it is quite light.

To my knowledge, there is actually another oil in the same range called the Saem Urban Eco Harakeke Firming Seed Oil which claims to enhance your skin elasticity.


I rate it 4 stars out of 5! It did not break me out but the oil is too light in consistency to hydrate well enough for winter. It would be perfect for Summer, Autumn and Spring!

The Saem Urban Eco Harakeke Seed oil can be purchased from Cosmetic Jolse for $25.98

Until next time, annyeong!

*product sent by jolse for review purposes
*all content are my own

Friday, 29 May 2015

Review: The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer in 1.5 Natural Beige

Hey guys. It has been a while since my last review and because finals are coming up, I’ve decided to quickly write my due posts! I have three more coming up, two skincare and one more makeup review.

Let’s get started.

The Saem Cover Perfection concealer was recommended by YouTuber sunnydahae so I decided to try it. IU and G-Dragon from Big Bang used to be the brand model but now it is SHINee.

For reference, I only use liquid concealers because I think it works the best for me. Cream and stick concealers are difficult to blend.

The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer is the thickest of the recent concealers I have used. I either use the Rimmel London Radiant concealer or the Maybelline better skin (review for here). Due to the consistency, the coverage is medium even when used sparingly. One dot under each eye is enough for me. With this concealer, a little bit definitely goes a long way.

The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer used to only have two shades: 1 (Clear Beige) and 2 (Rich Beige). I know this because I have been coveting this concealer for a while, even before they introduced shade 1.5 Natural Beige. 1.5 Natural Beige is one tone lighter than my NC/NW15-20 skin tone. However it still works well, alone and with base makeup.  

The Saem Cover Perfection Tip concealer is in a small plastic tube with a doe foot applicator. I find that this form makes application the easiest as all you have to do it open, apply and blend! With any others you have to squeeze the product and control the amount that comes out.

I have morning university classes and it takes me around 15 minutes to get ready (makeup only, I don’t bother with hair). So anything that can help me minimise time taken, I accept gratefully. 

Previously in the Coverage section, it was mentioned that it had a thick formula. This is great for people who enjoy high coverage but if you apply too much, it becomes thick and unsightly.

For people with dry skin, please ensure your base is moisturised and hydrated.

It has a normal finish, leaning towards the matte side. This is due to the 'soft focus powder' in the concealer.


No scent detected!


Overall The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer is a wonderful product and I give it 5 stars.

It wears well throughout the day and lasts for at least 6 hours. I do not retouch makeup apart from my lip product so this is great for people who are lazy and looking for a product with long lasting power.

The only problem I have with this concealer is the small size (6 grams). It is significantly smaller than the concealers I have and have used in the past. But then you take into consideration the affordable price tag ($6.98) and really, you can get two the Saem Cover Perfection tip concealers for the price of one American drugstore product (here in Australia at least). 

The concealer covers redness, acne and discolouration really well. It was applied under my eyes are on my cheeks in the photo below. And maybe because this product has SPF28/PA++ that my skintone looks incredibly white in the after photo.

Will definitely stock up next time as this is my go-to concealer at the moment. 

Get The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer at Cosmetic Jolse here.

Until next time, annyeong~

*product was sent for review by jolse
*this is my honest review, not paid to say nice things

Sunday, 24 May 2015


It is almost winter here in Sydney, Australia so I thought it would be a great time to share my winter clothing / closet essentials! Here I introduce the winter fashion and style items I like to wear during the cold weather, especially in Sydney.

Hope you enjoy it :-)

Sunday, 10 May 2015


Friday, 8 May 2015

Review: Irresistible Me Hair Extensions (Silky Natural Black #1B)

I am sure that I am not the only person who adores both short and long hair.

When I have long hair, I always want short. When I have short hair, I always want it long.

As most of you know, I cut my hair above my shoulders in December 2014 when I was in Seoul, South Korea. Short hair feels great! But there aren't as much styling options.

So I decided to try my first ever hair extensions, sent to me by Irresistible Me. This post was not paid for.

 Shipping: 22/04/15 - 27/04/15

Shipping (FedEx) was incredibly fast and I was able to track the exact locations of my package, and at what time it was checked. It gives me a peace of mind knowing my package won't be lost during transit.

Irresistible Me is based in New York but their extensions were shipped from Qingdao China.

 The box suffered some damaged during transit but the product was unharmed.

 I received the Silky Natural Black #1B extensions at 20 inches 200 gram. The current price for these extensions are US$151 and they offer free shipping above $150.

Their clip-in hair extensions are made of 100% natural Remy hair.

They have the Silky Touch and Royal Remy hair extensions ranges, with the Royal Remy being their deluxe kinds.

 What I love about this packaging is that you get a sample hair extension to let you figure out if the shade is correct for you. If it is not, you can safely return it and swap for a different shade. Just make sure not to open the side with the full hair extensions as then you will not be able to return it.

 My natural hair colour is a mix of black and brown. In the sun, my hair looks dark chocolate while artificial lighting makes mine look black brown. I had a lot of trouble deciding which shade to go for.. Luckily they have an instructional video that compares the different shades for you!

I think I went for the right choice, even though it is noticeably darker than my natural hair colour. But because these hair extensions can be dyed!

Pictured here, I have almost the full 200 grams clipped in my hair. Even though these are my first hair extensions, they did not feel heavy at all. However, they do give your hair a flat appearance when left unstyled.

There is a distinct difference between my real hair and the extensions, as my hair has been bluntly cut. If you have layers, it will look more natural.

The hair extensions did not arrive with any faults or foul-smelling odours. What thing I did notice is the shedding that occurs. Due to the fact that these are my first ever hair extensions, I cannot compare them to any other brands and give an accurate judgement on whether the amount of shedding exceeds normality.

I notice slight shedding when worn. I can tell because my hair is fairly shorter than the hair extensions. When brushed, it also sheds. However not an alarming amount.

All in all, my experience with Irresistable Me hair extensions was great! The product was shipped quickly and arrived at my doorstep in only 5 days.

The hair was easy to brush (but also easy to tangle) and the length at 20 inches ends at my waist.

They were kind enough to give me my own discount code for everyone who is interested!

Use code "IrresistibleYoonyee" for 10% off!

However they currently have a 20% off sale so get in quick!

Check out the Silky Touch hair extensions range here.

Until next time, annyeong~

Sunday, 3 May 2015


I have mentioned in previous posts that I have become more and more interested in Japanese makeup trends and style. So today I have an easy and simple Japanese Gyaru and Lolita Eye Makeup tutorial!

Lolita wig BA sponsored by Uniqso:

Dolly Eye Gothic 3 Tones Green sponsored by Uniqso:

*Use code "YOONYEE" for 10% off your UNIQSO order*

Now let's get started with the tutorial!


1. Apply your double eyelid glue/tape and blend a light brown shade to emphasise your crease and outer V.

2. Use a black eyeshadow, matter or shimmery, and deepen the outer V of your eyes. Extend the shadow out as desired and remember to apply it on the outer 2/3 of your eye to create a dolly look. 

3. With a black eyeliner (liquid or gel recommended), draw a line from the corner of your eye 45 degrees up. During this step, you may want to tilt your head back slightly to get the line as straight as possible. 

4. Find your preferred pair of lashes and apply it following the upper curve of your eyeliner. Again this gives the illusion of bigger rounder eyes. 

5. Use a white eyeshadow and softly dab it a little lower than your lower lash line.

6. Apply volumising and lengthening mascara to both upper and lower lashes. Optional: You can draw them on during liquid liner! Optional #2: Lower false lashes!


7. Using a peach or pink blush, apply in a circule motion slightly below your eyes. Do not be afraid to be heavy handed!

8. Contour your nose depending on your nose shape. You can find tutorials online on which contouring technique is best for your nose.

9. Highlight your nose bridge and high point of your cheekbones with a white glitter highlighter. 


10. Glossy voluminous lips are in. Use your favourite light pink lip tint or nude lipstick as a base and apply lip gloss on the centre of your lips. 


The Dolly Eyes 3 Tone Green lenses move A LOT and does not stay put in the centre. It was a nightmare taking photos with these lenses, so I do not recommend it at all. Though it is very pretty and the perfect size for me.


These lashes has serious glare, the white portion is not dried glue!

Until next time, annyeong!

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