Sunday, 31 May 2015

Review: Innisfree Sea Salt Perfect Cleanser

On YouTube, I watched a video by Daddoa introducing sea salt cleansers and its' benefits. I ended up being so intrigued that I wanted to try it myself. Luckily Innisfree newly released their Sea salt cleanser line. There are three products:

1. Innisfree Sea Salt Perfect Cleanser (40% Sea Salt) 130ml
2. Innisfree Sea Salt Whipping Cleanser (30% Sea Salt) 130ml
3. Innisfree Sea Salt Jelly Cleanser (20% Sea Salt)  130ml

This particular product has 40% sea salt, the highest of all the other cleansers. I tried this product with high hopes but was left disappointed.


1. Highly concentrated sea salt removes keratine and skin waste.
2. Achieves smooth and moist skin.
3. Rich Jeju volcanic mineral salt protects skin.
4. Sea salt extract removes fine dust and skin waste.
5. Visible sea salt. Scrub effect.
6. 40% of sea salt.

 (taken from jolse)


True to Innisfree packaging, it is a prominently white with light blue writing. The tube has a slight matte finish. The cleanser comes in a squeeze tube which allows you to control the amount you want.

It does get dirty easily so I always avoid putting it in my bathroom. Whenever I use it, I squeeze some amount into a small container. 


The cleansing foam that results from the cleanser being lathered onto the skin is thick and not airy. If you use a foaming device, I imagine it to create ‘fluffier’ foam.

Inside the cleanser are sea salt granules which can be used for daily exfoliation. It quickly melts into the skin especially when accompanied by steam. 


The cleanser is white in shade and when lathered onto the skin turns foamy! It is again a cleansing foam.

The thing I hate the most about some cleansers is the dry and tight feeling after having it washed off. It feels uncomfortable and having all your natural oils stripped from your skin is not something to be desired. With the Innisfree Sea Salt Perfect Cleanser it did not make my skin feeling tight and face remained relatively soft and supple after wash.


If you read my previous review on The Saem Urban EcoHarakeke Seed oil (which I love), I mentioned that this product did not work well for me.

The first use was relatively fine, my skin did not react at all. The second time onwards, I developed several pimples on the right side of my face. To test skincare products initially, I apply them only on one half of my face to see the difference it made. Luckily they were only red bumps and healed quickly.

To remove my face makeup, I rely heavily on my cleansers.  Face makeup removal powers are a medium, and not as strong as my normal cleanser (Biore shower gel cleanser) but still works well. Eye makeup on the other hand does not budge and you will need a separate makeup remover. It isn’t actually advertised that this cleanser removes makeup but it is a must for me. 

ALSO, a high concentration of sea salt can lead to an itching/burning sensation on the skin. However this is temporary and does not hurt. It just feels tingly. 

Note: because there are salt granules, I suggest you avoid your eye area.


 I give this cleanser 3 stars. It is affordable for the amount of product you get, and to make good foam, not a lot needs to be used. It is priced at $13.98 at Cosmetic Jolse currently. 

Until next time, annyeong~

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