Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Review: GEO Big Grang Grang Brown Lens | The Most Comfortable Circle Lens!

 My review on the GEO Big Grang Grang Brown Lens. The most comfortable circle lens I have ever tried!

 Hello Lovelies~

Today I will be sharing another circle lens review! But I'm really excited to share this one with you because it managed to triumph over my Geo Eyevelyn circle lens (made with silicone hydrogel) which I absolutely adored. Let's welcome GEO Big Grang Grang Brown to my collection.

Brand: GEO Medical
Name: Big Grang Grang 
Colour: Brown
Water Content: 38%
Diameter: 15mm
Base Curve: 8.7mm
Prescription? Yes

A lot of websites and blogs say that the diameter of these lenses are 14.8mm but they are really 15mm.

Comfort: 10/10

These are by far, the most comfortable circle lens I have ever tried! Which is surprising considering I have tried circle lense with a smaller diameter and also higher water content. 

Once in the eyes, you can not feel them at all. And usually with circle lenses, the edges of my vision is a little blurry but these are perfectly clear. I cannot fault them at all.

I can wear these for 6 hours without feeling my eyes feeling dry and in need for eye drops (something I don't have.... but will buy soon).

Design: 9/10

How cute are these animal lens cases that are shipping with Love Shopping Holic orders?!

 The limbal ring is a dark brown rather than a black to give a more natural colour effect. The design of the lenses allow the colour to blend beautifully and seamlessly with brown eyes and is not strong or prominent enough to give you "alien" eyes.

I was reading an article on limbal rings and apparently, we unconciously judge an individuals attractiveness by how prominent their limbal rings are.... Very fascinating. The darker it is, the more white your eyes appear. Limbal rings are the sign of youth as it fades as you age.

 But I tend to find circle lenses with dark limbal rings too unnatural so I prefer a design like this. 

If you like a more dolly and big effect, find lenses with black limbal rings!

Enlargement: 9/10

The GEO Big Grang Grang lenses are 15mm and even without dark limbal rings, definitely enlargen your eyes. These are big but still look fine even if you are without eye makeup. Love these! 

Colour: 10/10

The GEO Big Grang Grang lens range come in two colours: brown and choco. Choco is a darker brown while brown is a honey brown.

On brown eyes however, it does darken quite significantly. It isn't light enough to look artificial but isn't dark enough that you can't see the colour change.

I'm not very good at blending hair extensions heheh'

I got these lenses from the lovely team at Love Shopping Holics! Get yours now for $22.90 @ Love Shopping Holics.

Until next time, annyeong~

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