Sunday, 26 July 2015

Aritaum Sugarball Velvet Blusher Review (#4 Peach Crush)

Hello lovelies~ I'm back with a Aritaum Sugarball Velvet Blusher review. I have reviewed a number of Aritaum products and none of them have disappointed me so far. Let's get started with the review of this new Sugarball Velvet Blusher range by Aritaum!

More information:
Brand: Aritaum
Name: Sugarball Velvet Blusher
Colour: #4 Peach Crush
Size: 8 grams
Price: US$9.98 from Jolse

 Very simple packaging as it is a powder blush in a pact form. The top 'lid' corresponds to the shade you purchased and in my case, it is #4 Peach Crush. The bottom level is black. There are four shades in the Sugar Ball Velvet Blusher range and Peach Crush is the 'darkest' one. The Aritaum Sugarball Velvet Blusher range also includes a cream blush.

The word 'Velvet' is printed with a holographic foil-esque material which gives it a lovely touch.

Included in the blusher is a small brush that I have not used. It is too thin and the bristles are not dense enough for me. However the hairs are quite soft and could be a great way for a light or heavy application depending on which direction you use it.

 The above photos make the blush look orange but I assure you that it is not. It's a gorgeous peach pink colour with very fine gold glitter specs. When I first swatched it on my finger it reminded me a lot of NARS Orgasm blush. However this blush does not have as much glitter as NARS Orgasm and applies slightly different on the cheeks. Looking at the pan, you can't see the glitter at all!

 On the skin, the blush looks very natural as the glitter flex does not transfer onto the face. I like to apply the Aritaum Sugarball Velvet Blusher using my Real Techniques Blusher brush. In the below swatch, it is the result of 3 heavy swatches! If you like blushers which look natural, but is versatily and easily buildable, this is the one for you. It is definitely more pigmented than the Etude House Lovely Cookie blushers (reviewed here) if you wanted a comparison.

For daily wear, I swirl my brush 2 times around the pan and then lightly dust below my eyes to make me look bright and awake. This has been my go-to blusher recently and blends beautifully. Perfect for when you are in a hurry as cream blushers take a while to blend. And the shade is so forgiving even if you are heavy handed.

The texture of the powder is incredibly fine and does not make the skin dry at all. Wear time is average, around 5 hours.

Until next time, annyeong~

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

La Grilla, Canley Heights

I've visited La Grilla two times since it's opening and have yet to try their popular Korean-Mexican fusion tacos. Next time, next time I will.

The first time I went to La Grill was with my father. We arrived relatively early for dinner, around 6pm so we were the first patrons for that night! It was a Saturday if I remember correctly. The restaurant quickly filled until we had two families waiting for tables. The restaurant is fairly small as well so I recommend you book if you are bringing a large group or eating during a busy dinner hour. For lunch, I don't think it's necessary.

We tried one of the bbq sets, made for two people and we were stuffed with the set + a side order of Tempura prawns. Of course with Korean cuisine, you cannot forget the banchan (small complimentary side dishes). The portion sizes of the banchan change depending on how many people are dining... but you can always ask for refills. There were egg rolls, acorn jelly, an onion mix, mashed potato and pickles.

One of the meats in the bbq set consisted of 90% fat so my father and I didn't touch it. I can't remember which cut it was since it was a months ago. So I'm not sure if I want to recommend the bbq set. However the marinated meat was tasty, perfectly balanced with the salty flavours.

The green tea patbingsoo was expensive for the serving size and wasn't particularly generous with the red bean or rice cake but it's La Grilla is the only Korean place in Canley Heights. When cravings strike, you just can't help it. Some of the ice was not shaved properly either, there were large chucks near the end. I say give it a miss, unless you really want a nice cold treat after your meal.

The second time I visited La Grilla in Canley Heights was with my mother and father. We ordered Ddeokbukki, Korean kimchi and pork pancake, bulgogi rice set and a spicy chicken rice dish set. This was enough to fill three stomachs! Ddeokbukki was mildly spicy and I wish they had more fish cake in the portion. There was very little kimchi and pork in the pancake but was fried nicely for the crisp outer layer. The bulgogi and rice set was the winner of the night, seasoned perfectly. The chicken was tender and the salad that came with it had a great balance of salty and tart flavours.

La Grilla is the only Korean restaurant near the area and it's a good substitute for when you cannot be bothered to go further for it. The service was friendly though we had to ask a few times for water to be served.

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Monday, 20 July 2015

Fat Panda, Canley Heights

I've been to Fat Panda in Canley Heights for a total of two times now. The restaurant is half a sushi train and half table seating... quite reasonably small so I do recommend you book if you want to visit on a busy night! If you are sitting at a table, feel free to go up to the sushi train and pick whatever you want.

They offer an assortment of sushi rolls, sashimi, handrolls, udon, specials and more! All reasonably priced for Japanese cuisine. For three people, we paid $69 for lunch to be completely stuffed. There is one other Japanese restaurant that opened fairly recently called Ryoma Japanese which specialises more in bbq and hot pot (with small korean fusions).

The atmosphere is very relaxed, in contrast to its' sleek and modern interior. Service is fast, workers are attentive and friendly. I am very happy, for both times I have visited.

Pictured above is a Eel and Cream Cheese and Alaska Roll (Half/4 pieces) and the Salson Tartare on the specials menu. I recommend the Yaki Udon and Soft Shell Crab hand roll, but the beef we chose to complement the Yaki Udon was too tough to chew. The pieces were big though.

Do try out Fat Panda if you are in the area :-)

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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Rimmel London Wonder'full Wake Me Up Mascara Review

Wednesday, 15 July 2015


Aritaum is becoming one of my favourite Korean drugstore brands! I first fell in love with their lip products and now their eyeshadows are definitely catching my eye.

Today I have a review on the popular Aritaum Shine Fix eyes! I got two colours, 19 Secret Party and 20 Love Bite.

More information:
 Brand: Aritaum
Eyeshadow range: Shine Fix Eyes
Shades: 20 available
Price: US$10.48 
Size: 3 grams


The size is slightly bigger than the Aritaum Mono Eyes which I reviewed here. The packaging is plastic, not glass like how it looks, and with a simple black and white colour scheme.

This makes it easy and light to transport but is quite bulky.

There is a stopper for the eyeshadows as it is heavily glitter based and prone to fall out.  The texture is also incredibly soft, reminiscent of thick jelly, and it isn't stuck to the bottom of the small eyeshadow container either. There is no scent from this product.


19 Secret Party is a rose orange bronze colour that looks brighter in real life than the below photos. And of course, it is loaded with glitter and sparkles. One thing I realised was that makeup artists of idols do like using orange eyeshadow so I thought it would be interesting to see how it would look on me. Orange is supposed to brighten  the eyes.

20 Love Bite (fascinating name) is a bronze brown, and with no purple undertones like how the name suggests otherwise.


I mentioned above that these eyeshadows are incredibly soft and bounce back when you press your fingers into the shadows. One tip I recommend for people who are thinking of purchasing this is to use your finger for application. Pick up the product but dipping your finger in and pressing slightly.

These eyeshadows are crazily pigmented (very similar to Mono Eyes) and definitely not sheer, as something you often find with glitter based shadows. I made the mistake of trying these eyeshadows for the first time before I went out and boy, did it not look pretty with how heavily I applied it. Be careful as some of the glitters do tend to clump when you pick up the product, meaning when you blend it in, glitter fall out will ensue.

Again, like the Aritaum Mono Eyes, the lasting power for these shades are amazing. It does not get dull throughout the day and can definitely last for 10 + hours. This is with eye primer of course, I always use the Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer. If you wear eyeshadow on a daily basis, eye primer is a must-have. You need to make sure there is a proper base for your eyeshadow to stick on.


Do I recommend these shadows?

Absolutely! Especially if you love your glitter eyeshadows. The flecks are not big or unsightly, perfectly sized to give your eyes a great pop. Just make sure you blend it properly and wipe off any glitters that may have fallen off and on to your face during application.

I got mine from Jolse, thank you very much! Get yours here at JOLSE for $10.48

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Review: | Australian online florist delivery

During a special occasion, flowers are often given to celebrate! However with people leading busier lifestyles, more and more people are looking to get their flowers ordered online and delivered. So today I am introducing to my Australian readers an online florist boutique that helps delivers your flowers for you.

Research reveals that people feel more compassionate towards others, have less worry and feel greater happiness when fresh cut flowers are present. Yes, it is fact that fresh flowers feeds compassion, boosts energy, and improves happiness and enthusiasm. - taken from

 Fresh Flowers vow to pick and cut the freshest flowers for whatever need arises. They deliver to most capital cities, territories, metropolitan and regional areas in Australia (except in some areas which are not covered by their standard delivery service). However if this situation arises, they will personally contact you and arrange something for the delivery.

Looking for international deliveries? No worries! also delivers overseas as part of Interflora. They also provide same day delivery if you order before 2pm on a weekday and 10am on Saturday. They do not deliver on Sunday or public holidays. More information can be found on their FAQs.

And if you require more assistance, they have a Customer Service Line at 13 37 37.

Their website is clean, simple and incredibly easy to navigate. At the top, you can choose to browse options depending on the occasion, flower, style, price and market specials. When you join as a member, you can get 10% off your first order. However you can always enter the discount code "FFCARD" for 20% off for a limited time ;)

Now with the introductory stuff out of the way, let's get on to the review!

I ordered a Delightful bouquet which is sold for $79.95, and paid $10 for the delivery.

Ordered: 8 July 2015. I wanted the bouquet to be delivered the next day, on the 9th.
Delivered: 9 July 2015 5pm.

Sadly, when you order you flowers, there is no option for your to choose which time you want it to be delivered.

The person who delivered the flowers was efficient, knocked on the door, asked for my mother (I ordered the flowers for her), and presented it before going on his merry way.

 The Delightful bouquet is described to contain a gorgeous mix of gerberas, lisianthus and premium roses. It is colour coordinated into purple and pinks! It is beautifully wrapped in a green non-woven wrap, their signature hessian overlay and green satin ribbon with a height of 40cm.

The wrap is incredibly sturdy, as there are a couple layers. However the little mesh part does tend to shed slightly.

You can write a message for the person to be delivered to! On the green card is the recipient's name, inside is the carded message AND flower food to make sure your flowers last a long time. Wonderful!

It has been almost a week and the flowers are still vibrant, though most have slightly wilted and become limp.

My mother was extremely surprised by the Delightful bouquet, she loves roses!

All in all, this website provides a vast array of bouquets, plants and flowers for every occasion. The website is easy to navigate and efficient. Payment was a breeze. The only problem is that you are not able to select which time you want it to be delivered. If no one is home, you can write whether you want them to rearrange another delivery time or to leave it at the front door/at the neighbours.

Find out more about!


Until next time, annyeong~

*sponsored by FreshFlowers
*all content are my own, this post is strictly my personal experience. I went through the ordering process as an ordinary customer.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015


Hello lovelies~ Today I have Girl's Day Hyeri Ring My Bell music video makeup tutorial for you, which is a k-pop MV look.

GIRL'S DAY(걸스데이) _ Ring My Bell(링마벨) Hyeri (혜리) Makeup 메이크업


1. Skinfood Black Bean Eyebrow Pencil in Grey
2. Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette - Naked
3. Aritaum Mono Eyes in After Hour - Review here
4. Dolly Wink Liquid Liner in Black - Review here
5. Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette - Gunmetal
6. Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette - Gun metal + Darkhorse
7. Aritaum Velvet Blusher in 04
8. Canmake Highlighter in Milky White
9. Etude House Colour in Liquid Lips in PK006 (f(x)'s Krystal's colour) - Review here 


W2BEAUTY - Korean Beauty Products
Use code: 04161007 and get $5 off on an order of at least $30!'

UNIQSO - Wigs and Circle Lenses
Use code: Y-OONYEE for 10% off!

SYNDROME - Cute Kawaii Harajuku/Korean Street Fashion Store
Use code: yoonyee for 5% off!

More GIRL'S DAY(걸스데이) HYERI - RING MY BELL(링마벨) music video screen captures down below!

Monday, 6 July 2015


Stylenanda is a brand that I have always wanted to shop from. I adore their clothes and makeup! Their models, including Park Sora, Kwon Soojung and Jung Minhee are basically the faces of Stylenanda 3CE. And thankfully, I was lucky enough to try my first Stylenanda lipstick courtesy of Alice from w2beauty. Thank you very much Alice! I have a discount code for people who want to shop at w2beauty:

   'Use code: 04161007 and get $5 off on an order of at least $30!'

Now let's get on to the review!

More information: 
Brand: Stylenanda 3CE | 3 CONCEPT EYES
Finish: Matte
Shade: 804 Stay By Me


Absolutely beautiful packaging. Matte black all over, with a square bottom so the lipstick will stand easily. The size is larger than regular lipsticks, like MAC, Etude House, Innisfree etc, however it is extremely sturdy and secure.

On the front, there is a printed logo of 3CE 3 Concept Eyes, which is the name of the Stylenanda makeup range. Then at the bottom, there is a sticker with all the information regarding the lipstick.


In the picture above, Stay By Me 804 is depicted as a strong pink. However this does have slight orange undertones and seems more coral than anything else.

In the below pictures, the camera failed to pick up how pink the lipstick bullet actually looks but it definitely looks more milky pink than orange.

 Texture / Formula:

This Stylenanda 3CE Lipstick in 804 Stay By Me is a matte formula. Stylenanda has various finishes with the most matte called 'Dangerously Matte'. However their original matte formula is matte enough for me.

It doesn't apply or glide easily but it does blend well. For this lipstick, you definitely need a mirror to apply with.

The formula of this lipstick is not drying on the lips but does tend to do a fair amount of pilling or 'cracking'. You can prevent this by exfoliating and moisturising your lips before application!


Stylenanda lipsticks are known for how long lasting they are and this lipstick is no different. It can last for up to 6 hours before I recommend you to reapply as matte lipsticks are prone to falling within the lines of your lips.

Where can you buy this?

I got this from w2beauty for $24.27. Get yours now.

Until next time, annyeong~

*w2beauty sent this product for review
*all content are my own
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