Monday, 20 July 2015

Fat Panda, Canley Heights

I've been to Fat Panda in Canley Heights for a total of two times now. The restaurant is half a sushi train and half table seating... quite reasonably small so I do recommend you book if you want to visit on a busy night! If you are sitting at a table, feel free to go up to the sushi train and pick whatever you want.

They offer an assortment of sushi rolls, sashimi, handrolls, udon, specials and more! All reasonably priced for Japanese cuisine. For three people, we paid $69 for lunch to be completely stuffed. There is one other Japanese restaurant that opened fairly recently called Ryoma Japanese which specialises more in bbq and hot pot (with small korean fusions).

The atmosphere is very relaxed, in contrast to its' sleek and modern interior. Service is fast, workers are attentive and friendly. I am very happy, for both times I have visited.

Pictured above is a Eel and Cream Cheese and Alaska Roll (Half/4 pieces) and the Salson Tartare on the specials menu. I recommend the Yaki Udon and Soft Shell Crab hand roll, but the beef we chose to complement the Yaki Udon was too tough to chew. The pieces were big though.

Do try out Fat Panda if you are in the area :-)

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