Tuesday, 21 July 2015

La Grilla, Canley Heights

I've visited La Grilla two times since it's opening and have yet to try their popular Korean-Mexican fusion tacos. Next time, next time I will.

The first time I went to La Grill was with my father. We arrived relatively early for dinner, around 6pm so we were the first patrons for that night! It was a Saturday if I remember correctly. The restaurant quickly filled until we had two families waiting for tables. The restaurant is fairly small as well so I recommend you book if you are bringing a large group or eating during a busy dinner hour. For lunch, I don't think it's necessary.

We tried one of the bbq sets, made for two people and we were stuffed with the set + a side order of Tempura prawns. Of course with Korean cuisine, you cannot forget the banchan (small complimentary side dishes). The portion sizes of the banchan change depending on how many people are dining... but you can always ask for refills. There were egg rolls, acorn jelly, an onion mix, mashed potato and pickles.

One of the meats in the bbq set consisted of 90% fat so my father and I didn't touch it. I can't remember which cut it was since it was a months ago. So I'm not sure if I want to recommend the bbq set. However the marinated meat was tasty, perfectly balanced with the salty flavours.

The green tea patbingsoo was expensive for the serving size and wasn't particularly generous with the red bean or rice cake but it's La Grilla is the only Korean place in Canley Heights. When cravings strike, you just can't help it. Some of the ice was not shaved properly either, there were large chucks near the end. I say give it a miss, unless you really want a nice cold treat after your meal.

The second time I visited La Grilla in Canley Heights was with my mother and father. We ordered Ddeokbukki, Korean kimchi and pork pancake, bulgogi rice set and a spicy chicken rice dish set. This was enough to fill three stomachs! Ddeokbukki was mildly spicy and I wish they had more fish cake in the portion. There was very little kimchi and pork in the pancake but was fried nicely for the crisp outer layer. The bulgogi and rice set was the winner of the night, seasoned perfectly. The chicken was tender and the salad that came with it had a great balance of salty and tart flavours.

La Grilla is the only Korean restaurant near the area and it's a good substitute for when you cannot be bothered to go further for it. The service was friendly though we had to ask a few times for water to be served.

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