Wednesday, 15 July 2015


Aritaum is becoming one of my favourite Korean drugstore brands! I first fell in love with their lip products and now their eyeshadows are definitely catching my eye.

Today I have a review on the popular Aritaum Shine Fix eyes! I got two colours, 19 Secret Party and 20 Love Bite.

More information:
 Brand: Aritaum
Eyeshadow range: Shine Fix Eyes
Shades: 20 available
Price: US$10.48 
Size: 3 grams


The size is slightly bigger than the Aritaum Mono Eyes which I reviewed here. The packaging is plastic, not glass like how it looks, and with a simple black and white colour scheme.

This makes it easy and light to transport but is quite bulky.

There is a stopper for the eyeshadows as it is heavily glitter based and prone to fall out.  The texture is also incredibly soft, reminiscent of thick jelly, and it isn't stuck to the bottom of the small eyeshadow container either. There is no scent from this product.


19 Secret Party is a rose orange bronze colour that looks brighter in real life than the below photos. And of course, it is loaded with glitter and sparkles. One thing I realised was that makeup artists of idols do like using orange eyeshadow so I thought it would be interesting to see how it would look on me. Orange is supposed to brighten  the eyes.

20 Love Bite (fascinating name) is a bronze brown, and with no purple undertones like how the name suggests otherwise.


I mentioned above that these eyeshadows are incredibly soft and bounce back when you press your fingers into the shadows. One tip I recommend for people who are thinking of purchasing this is to use your finger for application. Pick up the product but dipping your finger in and pressing slightly.

These eyeshadows are crazily pigmented (very similar to Mono Eyes) and definitely not sheer, as something you often find with glitter based shadows. I made the mistake of trying these eyeshadows for the first time before I went out and boy, did it not look pretty with how heavily I applied it. Be careful as some of the glitters do tend to clump when you pick up the product, meaning when you blend it in, glitter fall out will ensue.

Again, like the Aritaum Mono Eyes, the lasting power for these shades are amazing. It does not get dull throughout the day and can definitely last for 10 + hours. This is with eye primer of course, I always use the Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer. If you wear eyeshadow on a daily basis, eye primer is a must-have. You need to make sure there is a proper base for your eyeshadow to stick on.


Do I recommend these shadows?

Absolutely! Especially if you love your glitter eyeshadows. The flecks are not big or unsightly, perfectly sized to give your eyes a great pop. Just make sure you blend it properly and wipe off any glitters that may have fallen off and on to your face during application.

I got mine from Jolse, thank you very much! Get yours here at JOLSE for $10.48

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