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Hello lovelies~ If you follow me on Twitter (@hiyoonyee), you'll know how much I love trying new lip products! So today I'll be sharing with you my thoughts and review on the new Missha Chiffon Painting Rouge in CPP01, CRD01, CRD02.

Thank you to Jolse for sending these products for me to try!

More information:
Brand: Missha
Product name: Painting Rouge Chiffon
Ranges: They have a Missha Painting Rouge Syrup range that gives a glossy finish
Size: 6.4g
Price: USD$7.18 (discounted)
Shades: 5 shades
Buy here at Jolse: Missha Painting Rouge Chiffon


Each Missha Painting Rouge, including the Syrup range, is packaged the same. The only difference is the change in the word 'Syrup' or 'Chiffon' on the front of the product. 

Packaging is sleek, with a matte black top handle and a clear plastic body so you can differentiate between the shades. This makes it a lot easier when selecting the colour you want, especially when you have a lot of lip products! Because it is plastic it will not break easily. The plastic is thick and sturdy yet slim enough to slip into a small purse or bag. 

There is a stopper at the mouth of the opening to make sure you don't get an excessive amount of product, which can lead to sloppy application.  The applicator is quite unique with its arrow shaped head and a flat tip. Personally I don't think it shape because I find it harder to apply with precision but it does not matter for you if you like to do gradient lips instead! 


I ordered three colours.

CPP01 looks a lot darker on the promotion pictures than in reality, something I'm quite disappointing about. It looks like an extreme purple in pictures that is definitely not the case. It's more of a wearable blueberry, perfect for people who are transitioning into darker colours. The shade is very similar to Innisfree's Color Glow in 06 (review here)

CRD01 is a neutral tone red with slight tinge of pink. Another shade that looks completely off from the online pictures. I was looking forward to it being more pum toned but this is a very ordinary red lip colour.

CRD02 is an orange red lip colour that looks more red in real life than in the modeled photos below. It is neutral toned aas well.


Matte is the wrong word to describe the finish on the Missha Painting Rouge Chiffon lip products.

When applied using a lot of product, it gives off a glossy finish which slowly turns silky. The less you use, the more quickly it turns silky. If you have used matte MAC or Stylenanda lipsticks, this is definitely not matte. It's an extremely soft texture that has a powdered effect when left to dry. Very comfortable to wear.


This formula is very thick and will easily stain your lips if you don't do the 'finger in mouth' trick.

Use any finger, put it inbetween your enclosed lips and pull it out. You'll be able to see any lipstick that would have stuck on your lips if you didn't wipe it off!

Because the formula is thick, it does transfer even when it has dried to the silky 'chiffon' finish. Which is sadly one of my peeves about lip products. I often get lipstick in my lips when wearing lipstick and was really looking forward to using more matte products to prevent it from happening.

The colour payoff is 100% opaque and really easy to blend! Though it is prone to bleeding slightly so you should check your lip colour often when out.


It's a soft product that leaves a nice tint on your lips after it has faded away.

I wish it had more colours.

Until next time, annyeong~

*jolse sent these products for review!
*all content are my own

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