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Review: Mamonde Rose Water Toner

Hey guys! I am back with a Korean skincare review featuring the Mamonde Rose Water Toner. I have been playing around with the settings on my camera so these photos look a lot different from my typical photos. Do you like it? Should I keep this setting? Let me know c: (I took the first two photos and the rest of the post at two separate times hence the cooler saturation in the later photos... THE FIRST TWO PHOTOS ARE SUPER PRETTY THOUGH)

Anyways, here is the review!

 Brand: Mamonde
Country of Origin: South Korea
Name: Rose Water Toner
Price: US$16.98
Size: 250ml (500ml available)
Where to buy? Jolse, w2beauty, cosmetic love, ibuybeauti, beautynetkorea


The Mamonde Rose Water Toner is in a gorgeous transparent light pink plastic bottle. The design is quite simplistic with a rose printed label and white top/writing. Mamonde is quite known for their minimalist branding and packaging as opposed to to some high end brands. Mamonde is manufactured by Amore Pacific, the same as Laneige, Hera, Sulwhasoo, Etude House and Innisfree for example. There is a significant amount of product in the bottle which is great since their pricng is higher than such brands like Etude House and Tony Moly.  Mamonde has repackaged this line, I have the upgraded version hence the different packaging if you google it.

Old packaging: taken from Mamonde Facebook
New packaging with Mamonde model, South Korean actress Park Shin Hye

SNSD's / Girl's Generation Yuri was the past Mamonde brand ambassador.

90.89% of this toner is rose water (instead of regular water), something you can definitely smell. It's very light and fragrant, not headache inducing like some artificial perfumes.


The toner is clear and reminiscent of water. It claims to have a soothing effect and offers deep hydration. I have been using this toner for a month now, every day after cleansing. It does a wonderful job at removing any left over cleanser residue and any dirt that has been left on my skin. However it does not have any makeup removing properties. This Mamonde Rose Water Toner also helps keep your skin pH levels balanced, which is often made unbalanced with cleansers. Having your skin at the optimal pH 5.5 (roughly) levels maintains supple skin.

It is very hard for me to find skincare that does not break me out. So if you are like me, I definitely recommend you give this a try! It expires 12 months after it is first opened.  This is the first Mamonde product I have tried and I am looking forward to purchasing more of the brand.

I have not broken out from this toner yet because it is so gentle on the skin. It feels refreshing on a hot day and it leaves a slight hyration and fragrance afterwards. The natural rose scent does dissipate rather quicky, perfect for people who do not like fragrance in their beauty proucts.

Plus the Mamonde Rose Water toner is mineral oil, artificial colouring and animal by-product free. Dioxin is a toxic environmental pollutant that is dangerous for your health in significant doses.

Ways to use the Mamonde Rose Water Toner:
1. After cleansing, use a cotton pad and saturate it with the toner. Use light sweeping motions.
2. Spray as a mist
3. Soak a sheet mask with this toner and use it as a soothing pack
4. Pour toner with a facial oil into a small bottle and use it as an oil mist. 7:3 ratio.
5. Soak a makeup sponge with the Mamonde Rose Water Toner and use it to apply your base/face makeup.

All in all, this is a great gentle toner perfect for all year around and all skin types. I definitely recommend this product! However if you are looking for something that specifically targets problem areas, then I am not sure if this is the product for you as I have not seen any actual impovements to my skin yet. I do feel like it has lessened my redness but that's about it. Thanks to Sunnydahye on Youtube for recommending this product.

Until next time, annyeong~

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