Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Review: Select Fairy Basic Brown One Day Lenses

*Review Select Fairy Basic Brown One Day Lenses Pinkicon*

It has been a while hasn't it? I am back with a review of my first one day disposable lenses from Select Fairy Basic Brown! Thank you Pinkicon for giving me the chance to try them

Brief Description:

Brand: Select Fairy
Collection:  One Day
Origin: Japan
Colour: Basic Brown. There are two other oclours in this range: Mode Brown and Street Brown.
Diameter: 14.2mm (Coloured Diameter: 13.5mm)
Water content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.7mm 
Precription: -0.00 to -9.00
Price: USD$20 per box from Pinkicon

Each box contains 5 pairs of lenses (10 in total)

Comfort: 9/10


Definitely the most comfortable pair of lenses I have ever tried! However this is not a surprised as daily disposable lenses are usually thin and made for maximum comfort. If you have a problem with lenses drying out your eyes, definitely invest in one day circle lenses. I could wear these for 8 hours with no problem and no need for eye drops. One disadvantage is that because of these thin lenses, they are quite flimsy to work with for the first timer. But there is no problem with it in regards to the lenses moving out of place. 

Design: 9/10


Surrounding the lenses are little brown ringlets which blend beautifully into the dark outer rims of the eyes. The portion inside is a pale brown which slightly lightens the iris of the eyes while still keeping the colour natural. The design from the packaging might not look natural but they definitely do when worn.

Enlargement: 6/10 (but this score is irrelevant anyways)


These lenses are not for enlargement hence the low score but the slight enlargement is natural enough to not need makeup to complement it, since usually with 14.5mm diameter+ lenses, it can look quite odd when it is worn without makeup. However since these are marketed as daily lenses, this is perfect.

Colour: 10/10


I love lenses that lighten my eyes. I cannot fault the colour as it manages to keep the wearers eyes looking natural. 

Overall: 28/30


The enlargement score is not included because I personally do not think people would be buying daily lenses for the enlargement factor. These lenses are great and I would definitely repurchase them if I needed to wear lenses for daily wear. One general disadvantage about the Select Fairy One Day lenses is that if you have different prescriptions, you will need to buy two boxes. It is only one prescription for each box. 

Thank you Pinkicon again for sending me these lenses to review!

 ===== Pinkicon information============

Select Fairy Basic Brown 1 Day
Cirle lens origin: Japan
Pinkicon offers FREE worldwide shipping for all circle lenses.
For purchases outside Hong Kong, the website is: www.en.pinkicon.com
Pinkicon also offers monthly promotions for selected cirle lenses.



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